Friday, December 31, 2010

The Hasbeens - Keep fooling yourself (2008)

Fat produced NuItalo track from the Netherlands.

Mikron's - Vision (1986)

Sounds basically like "Polynesia" by "Mikron". Nearly the same name and the same sound - pretty clear that the writer of these songs is only one person: Fabio Masion. The other writer is Fabrizio Rizzolo also known as "Brian Ice" for example.

The Toys - Boogie in the night (1984)

That's funky Italo shit!!! The vocals are kind of strange but I like the instrumental version - as usual on the B-side.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Valerie Dore - Get closer (1984)

... to serve the cheese- and romance-factor of Italo and its video-clips:

Gesaffelstein - Death fagh (2008)

Back to the recent years with this one that was released on the EP "Vengeance Factory". Space flow included. Another track from this release I've already posted here in the blog.

Moments - The station (instr.) (1984)

This is the instrumental version on the B-side which is part of the "Musica da Batticuore"-mix number 7. Hypnotical bassline.

Smiles - N. 1,4 Magnetic dance (1983)

Besides "Pendulum" this one was the second release of "Smiles" in 1983 - nothing more came around later. But both are great tunes.

Sheik Sphere - Deep freeze (1984)

Who the hell invents such obscure group-names. The track itself is obscure as well. The producer of this one - Bruno Bergonzi - was playing the drums for P. Lion's "Happy children" and was also one of the two members of "Dhuo".

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

P.L. - I don't know what it is (1982)

... me either! I admit: this is kind of strange with a very big cosmic and space touch - but I like it.

The picture you can see in video is not the correct one - it shows the B-side of this release.

Planet 84 - The gold rush (1987)

The only release of "Planet 84" produced by well-known Alex Cundari - one of the greatest at it's time.

Steel Mind - Boss man (1982)

With this one "Steel Mind" surprises us with a strange piece of music - but listen yourself.

P. Lion - Kings of the night (1984)

This one is taken from P. Lion's album "Springtime". Not as famous as "Happy children" which we know all but also a fine song.

Kid Frost - Terminator (instr.) (1985)

Also an electro track. This is one of the numberous excellent tracks has been played back in the 80s in my hometown disco at midnight when the lasershow starts up.

Arpanet - I-mode (2002)

This is more an electro cut than Italo. I wanna post it though because I love so much this bassline - and it's a rather short track ;-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Junior Boys - So this is goodbye (2006)

A recent track in a melancholical mood with a nice slow-bubbling bassline.

Telex - Pakmoväst (1979)

Telex was founded in 1978 by Belgian guys Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers as an electronic disco-pop band. Marc Moulin already died in 2008; a pity. Their most successful 7" probably was "Moskow Discow". This here is the B-side of that 7inch.

The Metal Mother - I think ... (2007)

This is a little excursion in slo-mo deep-cosmic sound which absolutely contains some nice elements from Italo.

The Creatures - Expansion (1982)

Another masterpiece from the legendary album "L'Altro Mondo Studios". Makes me shivering every time I hear it loud feeling like being in a 80s-club and listening the opener of another great Italo-night or gazing at the midnight lasershow-action.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

East Wall - Eyes of glass (1985)

Producer was Ray Masola who also released "Malcom & The Bad Girls - Shoot me". The bassline remembers me on some tracks by "Sensitive" like "Give me" or "Driving". Great!!

Evelyn Smith - Lost in love (1982)

Nice funky guitar imbedded in such a wonderful Italo-mood.

Claudio Mingardi - Star (1984)

This is a medley between "Robyx - Star" and "David Bowie - Starman" in Italo-style. Robyx' real name is Roberto Zanetti and brought us such pearls like "Don't cry tonight" and "Only you" as his alias Savage.

The B-side features the so called "instrumental" version which contains a very nice vocoder. Check it out!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Flexi Cowboys - Sexy movie (1984)

"Tell me, tell me baby ... What you gonna do tonight ...". This song is so sexy and beautiful. Like it a lot.

The picture cover would also fit to the second release of the Flexi Cowboys: "Domination".

Frisbee - You are made for me (1985)

This song has been produced by Luigi Macchiaizzano who also has written for example "Travel Sex - Sexiness". Nice gem.

Data - Living inside me (1983)

Not only recent productions are coming from Scandinavia - but also this one from '83; it comes from a Norway.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thai Break - Flowers in the rain (Original) (1985)

This piece of Italo is one of the best in my modest opinion.

... and then came Serge Santiago in 2008 and made it much better than ever - a masterpiece of edits. Play this as loud as you can:

Savage - "Don't cry tonight" (1983) and "Only you" (1984)

More romance you probably can't find than only in this two hits:



Den Harrow - Charleston/Broken radio (1986)

One of his most successful chart hits.

... and the B-side begins with a warning from outer space - so be careful ...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baltimora - Tarzan boy (1984)

One of the greatest Italo-chart-hits in the 80s.

Gino Felino - Spend the night (2010)

What - 2010??? Yes it's really a track from this year with samples from Steel Mind and Peter Richard. Very well done in my opinion.

Koto - Visitors (1985)

More infos about Koto you can get in my post "Chinese revenge". This one here is probably one of Koto's most successful tracks ever.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pleasure Discipline - For hours now (Remix) (1984)

This beautiful track has been produced back in '84 but it has been only released within a mixed compilation from the same year and never as a 7inch or 12inch. Finally in 2009 the original producers came out with a five-track compilation and the full version of this.
Simply great!!!

The Sweeps - Facing the night (2010)

"Synth Planet" is the forth compilation of the "Radio Cosmos" label and contains also some very nice synth-pop and Italo-based tracks like this one here:

Antilles - Longing for the spring (2009)

This one is also from the compilation "Synthetic Momento" and fits somehow to the wheather at the moment - I'm longing for the spring too!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vision Talk - Dina tankar (2009)

This is also a very poppy piece of music by this Swedish band from the last year. The release is taken from the great double album "Synthetic Momento" on the Radio Cosmos label.

The Creatures - May be one day (1984)

Beginning with about 90 bpm and then turning into a uplifting dance hit. There are really pieces by "The Creatures" which are more essential for their sound but it's a nice song though. Very poppy!!

Swan - Don't talk about it (1986)

Production by Alex Cundari - one of the busiest Italo producer ever.

"... and I say: Oh oh oh oh ..."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scotch - Disco band (1983)

Did you caught a cold??? Oh no it's "Disco band"!!

... and the remix with even more cough ...

Raf(f) - Self control (1984)

Also a well known song. The original artist's name of Raffaele Riefoli is "Raf". Only in Germany he has been called "Raff" because of the 70s terror group "RAF".

This is the video-clip from 1984.

Ryan Paris - Dolce vita (1983)

Absolutely classic - who doesn't know this one?

Really live sung!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grant Miller - Colder than ice / Red for love (1985)

Hey girls, isn't he a cutie??? How he is moving so smooth to the rhythm!!

... and that's the B-side to get you on the dancefloor!!

Roger Meno - I find my way (1985)

Nice car on the cover.

... and all you moustache lovers will find your way here ... :-)

Vivien Vee - Higher (1983)

This video shows the most sychronised hyperactivated male dance performance ever.

BTW: it's a nice song though ... ;-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deborah Kinley - Surprise (1984)

Seeeexxxxyyyy!!! If you have a look at the cover - and you WILL HAVE a look at the cover - you know why "sex sells" ... ;-))) Nice track though.

Den Harrow - Future brain (1985)

One of Den's most successful songs ever I think. Great tune at all. Here are both versions of the 12inch so you can listen to your own favourite one.

Anthony's Games - Silent smiles (1985)

Great tune to dance to produced by Raff Todesco and Marius Percali. Todesco was also in productions from Time (for example Shaker shake or Selling song).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Diana Est - Tenax (1982)

Real name of Diana Est is Cristina Barbieri and she was born in Italy. This remix by Tony Carrasco is the pure Italo-feeling. I prefer the instrumental dub version on the B-side of the original 12inch. I think you should know both - the vocal and the instrumental. Here we go ...

Joe Garrasco & M.M. - Action (1986)

Sooooooo fantastic - and ultrarare as well.

Felli - Diamond in the night (1983)

Another bomb from the fabulous year 1983!!