Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sensitive - Driving (1984)

Back in my all time favourite genre. The track is written by Sergio Bonzanni who also was involved in productions for P. Lion and Scotch. It's a pity that his own productions are so underrated and only the real hardcore Italo nerds take notice of them. That is also a reason that the records are very hard to get and you must pay a lot of money for the originals.


  1. One of the true masterpieces of Italodisco, but only known to connoiseurs (or wannabe connoiseurs like myself). Was it even a minor hit back then?

  2. To my knowledge it never has been a hit - even not a minor one - if you define a song which were landed somewhere in the charts as a hit. But you are right: it's only known for connoisseurs - but they love it so much - including me. Ingenious at all!!!