Sunday, January 25, 2015

Naif Orchestra - Check out five (1984)

Strange Italo gem co-produced by Maurizio Dami aka Alexander Robotnick.

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  1. "Supermarkets be open on Sundays... I can See! I Feel now!! My Sylvie, well she's working at check out five!" Absolutely brilliant recording! I've cherished this priceless vinyl EP single called FUZZ DANCE quite dearly ever since picking it up on a whim one day in the cut-out/used record bins at the world-renowned Poo Bah Record Shop in Pasadena California, USA, and I'll never forget my exquisite good luck since I had obtained it for the price of a mere 50 cents (half a US dollar!) back in 1987. Me and all of my hang-out buddies (and girlfriends) of that time (mostly being late teen to early twenties working class hardcore) fans of punk rock music, STAR TREK, Freddy Krueger, Nina Hagen, Dario Argento, late night tropical alcohol and gourmet bar-b-cued cuisine and (especially) students actively studying and soaking up all there is out there to learn about life, the universe and everything else from the very vaccuum of inner space itself, celebrated Professor LSD Herself! Oh, but how my friends and I wore out the grooves in the record by repeatedly playing this particular Naif Orchestra track just about every evening at least once, just so that we could here those deliciously unaware, preciously innocent, improperly phrased, clearly phonetically-mimicked song lyrics impossibly sung out in inappropriately misconstrued (and incredibly hard-to-follow) broken English! Oh, the simple pleasures in life!! Check out Five remains to this day one of those wonderful little, child-like oddities from yesteryear, the likes of which are sadly most likely never again to appear on the international stage, there for future discovery by appreciative parties to dance-to, enjoy and laugh right along-with (and not at) with the same unashamed abandon as those silly, non-English speaking electronic music-producing Italians of whom I am fawning over here so giddily!!