Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sandy Marton - Exotic and erotic (1986)

Basically this is a powerful and extremely dancable hit from the mid 80s - but unfortunately there are some pretty strange sound elements in it which are getting on someone's nerves (for example these fanfare synths).

Gesaffelstein - No wansee (2007)

Energy loaden and made to hit the floor.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Professor Genius - La grotta (2007)

Cool minimal italo-electro release from 2007 on the even cooler label "Italians do it better". BTW: this was used in the "Musica da Batticuore" Vol. 4.

Zoot Woman - Hope in the mirror (2003)

As the post of their "Information first" is totally influenced by Italo this gem is definitely waved up.

Mark Du Mosch - Faith (2007)

This Dutch guy from Rotterdam brings us some different kinds of stuff from real Italo to hardcore electro sounds. Here is a spherical piece which comes with some different elements as well.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gaucho - Dance forever (DJ version) (1983)

Back to the real Italo with this gem which awakes the "Bongo"- and "Drum"-lovers.

Zoot Woman - Information first (2001)

A huge Italo-influenced synthpop hymn which has been released on the B-side of the 12inch "Living in a magazine". Could really be from the deep 80s as well.

Digitalism - Zdarlight (2005)

Something from the recent years again. Digitalism is well known in the meanwhile and on hipster label Kitsun├ę from Paris.