Saturday, October 15, 2011

Legowelt - Conquestadores extraterrestriales (2007)

Totally overseen gem from Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt. It's featured on a 12inch called "We Still Kill The Old Way: The Double Double Cross". :-)))


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  2. Few people know this track is actually a remix from I-F's electro masterpiece 'Space Invaders are smoking Grass'.
    It was released, in a very limited number, as Conquestadores extraterrestriales remix on the CD single.
    This remix, which in my opinion, easily equals the original in it's own (brilliant) way, is in fact a completely different affair than the original. I consider it an italo translation based on the Space Invaders theme (compare both tracks and you'll hear what I mean). Where the original is a, wonderful for sure, clinical and staccato icon of electro, highlighted by the vocoder vocals. Legowelt transformed it into a warm and fluid Italo gem so genuine and beautiful that from the first time I heard it (in 2001, when I bought the CDM for... 25 euro...cents :-) I have considered it a classic masterpiece. This track is what might be called 'a remix job in its purest form'. I.m.h.o. it's one of the best Italo tracks ever made and the absolute best remix of a track ever produced.