Monday, May 30, 2011

Ichisan - Snow shower (2009)

This wonderful gem doesn't really sound like winter but definitely like the upcoming summer while you're lying on the beach watching the sundown.

Ali Renault - Running on vapours (2009)

This track entitles the EP. Nice work again - and brilliant vocoder.

Ali Renault - Rimini boyz (2009)

From the great EP "Running on vapours" this is a pretty dark journey back to the cradle of Italo.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

TeslaSonic - The thundering bolt of Jove (2009)

Second example from the mentioned EP.

TeslaSonic - The devestating spark of Prometheus (2009)

2009 again. This track is from the EP "The spark of Prometheus". The whole EP is a journey through "MOOG-land". Simply perfect with good vibes.

Hannulelauri - Metropol (2009)

This one is the track that gives the name to the EP.

Hannulelauri - Sorcery (2009)

I just realised that the last posts were all from 2009. So it was obviously a beautiful year of NuDisco and NuItalo productions. That applies to this track from the wonderful EP "Metropol" from Finland as well.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stephen Falken - Visions (2009)

Music in the manner of "Cyber People". This guy is from France and also part of the duo "The Outrunners". I think there will follow some posts of them soon ...

Rayko - Slow track (2009)

Raico Peña is also from Spain and creates beautiful own tracks and lots of edits. Always a pleasure to listen to. This one contains some heavy guitars and is from "Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 2" as well - like the Nelue-track down below.

Nelue - No strings attached (2009)

Nelue is Fernando Gómez - a DJ and producer from Spain. This is the version that has been released on the "Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 2". Very nice vibe in it to relax and enjoy your live.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Electrick Dragon - Breakaway (2009)

This recent track sounds a bit like from the minimal corner. It has been released on the great Moustache Records release "You can trust a man with a moustache Vol. 1".

Parallels - Midnight voices / Dry blood (2009)

These are the two tracks on the B-side of the EP. "Dry blood" is a very cool vocoder-track.

Parallels - Ultralight (2009)

First track from the same named EP. "Parallels" is an electronic and pop trio from Canada that has been founded in 2008.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Elitechnique - Double destiny (2009)

Relaxed beachclub vibe from Westcoast Holland.

Egotrya - Volcano (Beppe Loda Remix) (2008)

Italian cult DJ and producer Giuseppe Loda created a full-synth-space-travel remix.

Another hardrocking remix called "Lightyears Disco Mix" you can find on a Robot Scientists mix they made for their monthly radio session on Overfitting Disco in July 2009. Unfortunately this track isn't available on youtube at the moment.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bottin - No static (2009)

Guglielmo Bottin from Venice/Italy is one of the best recent producer, DJ and sound designer. This release came out on the New Jersey-based cult label "Italians do it better" that is run by Mike Simonetti.

The Creatures - The amazing run in the tube (1983)

Another classic from one of the best projects ever. You can find this on the album "Believe in yourself".

Second Mission - Kyrieleison (1987)

Finest electronic synth-pop from Germany.

EON - Infinity (1989)

This gem already belongs to the New Beat and Techno era but I like the driving and spacefly character. Come on let's experience the infinity!

"I am now, where men will be - approximately 1.000.000 years of today."

The Flirts - Dreamboy (1983)

The Flirts-crew of 1983 was Christina, Debby and instead of Christy (in the '84 cast) the third girl was Holly.

The Flirts - Helpless (1984)

Live video from the 1984's Flirts-cast with Debby, Christy and Christina. Not necessary to mention that the mastermind of "The Flirts" was Bobby "O".