Thursday, March 31, 2011

X-Ray Connection - Replay (1983)

Load your lasergun and destroy the "enemy missiles".

The sound qualitiy isn't that good and for me it seems that the track is a little bit pitched up.

Life Force - Invitaion (1984)

This is a high energy invitation to dance - so let's do it and move.

Pablo - Experience (1983)

Released on legendary Italian label "Durium". I prefer the instrumental version that is called "Pablo's Group - Experience".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alden Tyrell - Hills of Honolulu (2004)

To make it complete ... This track has been released in 2004 under Martijn Hoogendijk's other alias "A Visitor From Another Meaning". And his music is like a visitor from another planet.

Alden Tyrell - Disco lunar module (2004)

This is from "Times like these" as well; 12inch is from 2004. Breathtaking!!!

Alden Tyrell - Knockers (2003)

Another killer track from Westcoast Holland. The 12inch has been released in 2003 as a 300 copies limited edition. Three years later it appeared on the double album "Times like these".

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alden Tyrell - Love explosion (1999)

This was the first release of Martijn Hoogendijk - and it's not only a love explosion; it's an explosion at all. Furious track.

Some years later in 2005 he re-recorded this track together with the Italo legend Fred Ventura:

Boytronic - Man in a uniform (1984)

Bobby "O" even produced for this German synth-pop band. They had his greatest hit with "You" from 1983.

Pamela Nightingale - I'll never fall in love again (instr.) (1985)

This is my favourite version of this song. Always remembering me on my younger days and my hometown disco where it has been played during the lasershow and nobody knew the name of this record - except our DJ of course.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Camaro's Gang - Ali shuffle (1982)

If you hear this track and see that video you'll say that the Camaro's Gang could be a "Crazy Gang" - at least the sound is pretty crazy. I prefer the instrumental version on the B-side of the 12inch.

P4F - Medley (1986)

P4F means "Propaganda for Frankie". This is getting clear if you hear the medley between "Machinery" and "Relax". Nice work from Italy.

Digital Emotion - Go go yellow screen (1984)

Great classic from the Dutch producer team Adams & Fleisner.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Datafreq - The only place I go (2008)

Vintage sound from Canada. The track has been released on the great double album "Rückwärts im Uhrzeigersinn" from our German friends of the label "Das Drehmoment".

Elitechnique - Electric evening (2008)

This one is from the "Mirror Men EP" with some funky guitar elements. Good taste as well.

Elitechnique - Microbot melodies (2006)

Florentijn Boddendijk & Remco De Jong - two guys from Holland - released their first EP in common in 2006: the "We shall control EP" from which this title is taken. And I have to say this is a very good job, mates.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Sisters - Destiny (1983)

Get up and dance to this uplifting HiNRG burner.

... and if you don't like all the vocals you can also listen to the "Desti-Dub":

Syncbeat - Music (1984)

Another gem with an amazing guitar bassline. No real Italo but more electro-synth-pop with a touch of cosmic and space.

Klein & MBO - De-ja-vu (1982)

Nice funky bass-guitar line and a smooth voice. Pretty tune...!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Klein & MBO - The MBO theme (1983)

The very early connection between Italo and House.

I Spies - Change of life (1981)

One of the uncountable projects and productions of Bobby "O". But you should also pay some attention on the instrumental edit of this song created by The Robot Scientists.

Heaven 17 - Let me go (instr.) (1982)

I know this is quite no Italo but I like all the different sounds and the spaced out synth-bassline of this song.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fresh Color - Sing with me tonight (1985)

Available as 12inch as well.

Fresh Color - Disco future (1985)

This one is with vocals ... and not only on the already mentioned album but also gettable as 12inch.

Fresh Color - Don't shoot me (1985)

It's "Fresh Color" day today. Here you can realise the spacey Italo-sound of them - also taken from "Nightdreams".

Fresh Color - It's so crazy (1985)

This is also featured on the album "Nightdreams". It sounds spacey and wavey as well.

Fresh Color - D.J. Track Vol. 1 (1985)

Excellent space-synth sound from Switzerland. This piece of music has been released first in 1985 on the album "Nightdreams" and came out again as a 12inch one year later. Fresh Color started about 1978 as a punk band turning to New Wave in the early 80s. They started to use synths and to produce more dub-ish. At the end they also sounded a bit like Italo. One of the founders of Fresh Color was Dieter Meier who left them after two releases and created "Yello".

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Truffle Club - Gone blue (2008)

This is a mixture between Electronic, Italo-disco and Electro with a HiNRG-, epic- and acid touch. The release came out on the London based "Dissident" label and is limited to 200 copies.

Bobby "O" - How to pick up girls (1985)

Typical way to get into contact with the prettiest girls of the world. At least this is what Bobby Orlando teaches us.

Makina Girgir - The spell EP (2007)

I would like to complete here the whole "Spell EP" by Makina Girgir - at least with the titles I can find on youtube.

This here is the more dark B1-track (Moonshower):

... and this the B2-track (The spell):