Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chromatics - Nite (2006)

Time for a new production again. This is a pretty minimalistic produced track by Johnny Jewel who is also one of the responsible persons of the great New Yorker level "Italians do it better". The song starts very calm and than getting more and more dynamic.

Trophy - Slow flight (1982)

Killer Italo with the preferred instrumental version on the B-side. Enjoy your slow flight which will be not that slow - promised!!

Mike Mareen - Double trouble (1986)

Mike Mareen's real name is Uwe-Michael Wischoff. He was born in Berlin/Germany in 1949. He went to New York and after he's coming back to Germany he released some tracks as Mike Mareen and produced some other projects.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Attack - Crazy for your love (1985)

Same producers like "Laserdance" - unmistakable. Don't let you disguide by the record-title in the picture of this post. It isn't Capricorn - it's really Attack. There will appear also some other different records in this video.

Laserdance - Powerrun (1987)

Space-synth-disco from the Netherlands again.

Joey Moon - Angelica (Remix) (1983)

The real name of Joey Moon is Roberto Zanetti also known as "Savage". And as we all like songs from Savage we also like this cheesy-stuff here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hipnosis - End title (1983)

That's a remake of Vangelis' track from the science fiction movie "Bladerunner" - and the B-side of the well known Pulstar-12inch. It's a bit more electro based but also spaced out though.

Laserdance - Fear (Remix) (1987)

Typical and unchangeable production from Michiel van der Kuy & Erik van Vliet. Real space-synth-disco-dance-stuff.

Moses - We just (1985)

This was a number one hit for example in the Netherlands. Like the bongos in it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Digital Mind - Countdown (1985)

I really like the synth-work of this title but the vocals not so much. So I also prefer here the Dub-version on the B-side. BTW: Alex Cundari produced this.

The League Unlimited Orchestra - Don't you want me (1982)

The Human League with its own cover-project taken from the album "Love and dancing".

Juno - Sympathy (1984)

Produced by Dino Melotti who also was involved in the "Cruisin' Gang". I prefer the instrumental version on the B-side. But this one is wonderful as well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nami Shimada - Sunshower (2004)

Dark synths, a bright voice (Naoko Shimada) and vocoder parts turn this song into a wonderful trip through the space and time. The original song has been released in Japan back in 1989.

Tabu d'Apache - Don't believe in love (1985)

Produced by Romano Trevisani who also was responsible for "things" like "Cruisin' Gang"- or "Max Him"-productions.

Laser Cowboys - Killer machine (1986)

"No one can stop the killer machine ..."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hananas - From here to eternity (1983)

A very well done cover of Giorgio Moroder's original from 1977. That's amazing!!

Ministry - I wanted to tell her (1983)

That's quite no Italo but more synth-pop in the vein of Human League and Depeche Mode. Why I post it here is the fact that most people know Ministry as a band with harder sounds from the corner of EBM or Electro and later turning into Industrial and Heavy Metal. And you would never expect such a melodical and funky sound like "I wanted to tell her" brings to you. Favourite!

Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes d'amour (1983)

The first and most known 12inch by Maurizio Dami. The Italian man with the Russian sounding artist's name created a song with French vocals. That's really a bit strange - like some sound elements as well. Pretty remarkable.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finzi Kontini - Bass and drums II (1986)

That's the instrumental version of the 12inch "Oh la la". Could also be a recent production in my opinion but it's really 25 years old.

The Juan Maclean - You can't have it both ways (2002)

A modern electro-synth-pop-killer-track with a Moroderesque bassline and nice and light melody-elements. This here is a live version.

Laserdance - Battle cry (Space mix) (1987)

A typical "Laserdance" production by the Dutch men Michiel van der Kuy & Erik van Vliet with their distinctively sound - also in many other projects.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MDMC - How about it (Electro Mix) (1983)

This one is also kind of electro and some people on youtube commented that it sounds like an early housetrack even before house has been "contrived".

Syntech - Soundly computed (1988)

"Syntech" are the two Dutch guys Edwin van der Laag and Huib Schippers. The first one originally is the man who created all picture covers for the Laserdance-productions and seemed to be inspired of making music therefore. The executive producer of this track is Erik van Vliet. He was the man behind Laserdance and many other projects which represent this kind of sound. It's so easy sometimes ...

"Droid" in several versions (1978 - 1987)

This track title should be known to everyone and maybe everyone knows another version of this excellent piece of music. That's the reason why I would like to introduce these three versions to you:

1. Automat - Droid (1978)

2. Mito - Droid (1982)

3. Hipnosis - Droid (1987)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Unknown and Three-D - Beatronic (1984)

I know that this is really no Italo. But this electro monster from the vaults of the mid-eighties fascinated me so much and I didn't want to keep it back from this blog.


D. F. & Pam - Flash into my life (instr.) (1985)

Finally I found this unbelievable masterpiece - in my opinion. I love this instrumental version since I heard it the very first time in my hometown disco back in '85.

Deborah - Danger for love (1985)

Dumdum-dumdudududum, dumdum-dumdudududum ... and then the start of the synths. GREAT beginning of this energy-loaded song.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cyber People - Digital signal processor (1988)

A late 80s production by Alessandro Zanni (the founder of the legendary label "Memory Records") and Stefano Cundari who brought us many good tracks in their best times. This one hasn't the quality like "Polaris" or some others - but it's also a nice one.

Invisible Conga People - Cable dazed (2008)

Nice melancholical and dark gem on the great label "Italians do it better" from New York run by Mike Simonetti.

The Creatures - Kid robot dance / The other world's robot (1982)

... and because "The Creatures" are so unbelievable good I'm gonna make their album from '82 complete here in my blog:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Professor Genius - Pegaso (2007)

Great recent track with a stunning synth-bassline and a lot of deep-space-feeling.

The TRON-video doesn't belong to the music but it's a nice idea though.

Video - Somebody (1983)

Life performance in the Dutch TV. Member of this group "Video" is Raff Todesco who made lots of productions - for example "Time" and many more.

For you 12inch lovers: here is the extended version:

Det Reirruc & Latin Rascals - Axel F. (New York Hammer Mix) (1985)

Everybody knows the original track from Harold Faltermeyer. But this one is one of the best remixes ever - no Italo; but tuuuuune.