Monday, December 20, 2010

Flexi Cowboys - Sexy movie (1984)

"Tell me, tell me baby ... What you gonna do tonight ...". This song is so sexy and beautiful. Like it a lot.

The picture cover would also fit to the second release of the Flexi Cowboys: "Domination".


  1. Hi, Mister Italo! I'd like to thank you a lot for your awesome blog and articles!!

    I recently discovered your wonderful blog and, after carefully listening to all the songs posted in your blog, I selected and edited 17 tracks to compile a 80min CD called "U80H" (standing for 'Ultrarare 80's Hits' and 'Underground 80's Hymns').

    So far, I have compiled around 500 music CDs (italodisco, 80's synthpop and 90's eurodance, mostly), and I believe this "U80H" is in my top5!!. Thanks to both of you, of course.

    My tracklist:

    1) Dario Dell' Aere - Eagles In The Night
    2) B.D. Scott - How (Dub)
    3) Clay Pedrini - New Dream
    4) Atmosphere - Swede's Scandal
    5) Amin Peck - Suicidal (Disco Version)
    6) Gil De La Paz - I Wanna Live (Club Mix)
    7) Stelee Up - Waiting For You
    8) Binary - The Meaning
    9) Night Moves - Transdance (Robot Rock)
    10) DMX Krew - Come To Me
    11) Decadance - On And On (Fears Keep On)
    12) Atelier Folie - No Rhyme, No Reason (Dance Mix)
    13) Axodry - You
    14) Secession - Touch (Part 1)
    15) Future State - Future State
    16) The Creatures - Digital Rebel
    17) Anna - Systems Breaking Down

    Tracks 2 and 13 are not yet posted in your blog, I think. "B.D. Scott - How (Dub)", huge track, was almost impossible to find.

    Well, I love these songs, and I love your blog. I thought I knew a lot about italodisco, until I found your blog... It's a ovelwhelming (and very exciting) world!!

    FYI, I share two blogs with two friends:
    - (80's italodisco, synthpop and 90's eurodance)
    - (101 big -and rather unknown for the mass- electronic themes, with no time restriction: from 70's to 2000's)

    If you like, you can take a look at the songs, you're invited. Sorry because the text is in Spanish :(

    Greetings from Spain and thanks again!

    R.O.C. (Ricardo is my first name)

  2. Hey Ricardo,

    thank you so much for this comment and the greatest respect for your patience to bother to listen to all our posts.

    As you can read in our profile we are some nerds in this kind of wonderful music and we always try to fish out only the best tracks to be posted - and nothing we don't own in our vinyl collection. Unfortunately there are some records we couldn't find on youtube so far. Too much underground maybe ... ;-)

    BTW: Your compilation sounds great - and you are right: tracks 2 and 13 are not be posted here. That's because they fail in our collection so far - but maybe one day ...

    I added your two blogs to our friendlist. They are also worth to be mentioned I think ;-))

    Thanks again and cheers to Spain