Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Mine - Zorro (1984)

One year after the great "Hypnotic tango" My Mine came out with this gem. Not as successful as their first release but also a good one in my opinion.

My Mine - Hypnotic tango (1983)

Classic tune!!!

Amin Peck - Running straight (1984)

Another fantastic work by Amin Peck. He understands to join a strange voice with stunning synth-sounds and the result is always a great one. "Running straight" is another proof of this statement.

Samoa Park - Monkey latino (1983)

This is the first release of Samoa Park. It's a medley between the two songs "Monkey chop" and "Paris latino". Well done!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miko Mission - The world is you (1984)

That's also Italo pure.

Droids - The force (SSUK edit) (2008)

The original from 1977 is essential and you also can find it here in the blog. This one here is a 2008-edit version from Serge Santiago and launches the floor into the orbit.

Sorry but the video isn't available at the time.

Legowelt - Visions fade (2000)

Great tune from Danny Wolfers - the man behind Legowelt and lots of other projects and aliases.
His productions are all a bit dark and the bassline in this gem remembers me on Bobby "O".

The video shows some clips from the movie "Future chock" from 1972.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dance Disorder - Zusammen (2010)

This track is mindblowing - especially when the synth-bassline comes in at about 1:48. One of best tracks in 2010 in my opinion. But listen yourself.

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane "Italo 84" Remix) (2009)

Hey this is from 1984!! Not really because Sebastien Tellier was 9 years old back in '84. It's really from 2009 and Aeroplane made it sound like a good old Italo-track with their amazing remix.

Image - Hot stuff (Spasmo version - instrumental) (1984)

I've already posted the vocal version here in the blog because the so much better B-side wasn't available at that time. But now I found it finally.

Doctor's Cat - Feel the drive (1983)

Some time ago I've posted here the Trans Europe Mix of this amazing song. Now I think it's time for the original.

Sensitive - Give me (1985)

In good Sensitive-tradition - if you can talk about a tradition with their three tracks - that synth-line sounds sooooo good.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Riccardo Cioni - Fog (1984)

After all these post from nowadays and the recent years we are going back now into the 80s with this - I guess - mostly unknown masterpiece (at least to me) of electro-influenced Italo. It is the second track on the B-side of the 12inch "Darkness inside".

I really can imagine that this sound would be blow you away by listening in a club and seeing the green laser quivering across the room. Play this record loud!!!

In Flagranti - Personal angst (2008)

Another balearic and cosmic-style oriented track with some acid elements. Also appearing on an EP named "Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1 (Part 1)".

Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari - When I dream of New York (2009)

Epic and cosmic beach-style like. Nice stuff which has been released on the "Epic Disco Vol. 1" from "Rollerboys recordings".
The title of this EP is its programm too.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Phoreski - Slow me down (2009)

Another relaxing new track released on the Spanish label "Rare Wiri Records" which has been founded by Raico Peña aka Rayko - a pal from Ilya Santana. It contains a good bassline as well as lots of other great synth- and guitar-elements.

Ilya Santana - You are the one (2009)

Cosmic-balearic-italo-withfunkyguitar-style. Very unique work from this Gran-Canarian boy who is living in the capitol of this Canarian island - Las Palmas. And that's not the only unique track he composed. Check him out - it's worth.

Keen K - When the moon falls down (2010)

Pretty new stuff from the German guy Kai Lüdeling. He is an electro/italo producer based in Berlin and started making music in the late 80s. Another alias of him is "Divider" who was responsible for the massive Divider-remix of "We like Moroder" originally released by Jupiter Black.

This track here is very smooth and melodious but also has a part with a very driving bassline after a break at 3:16. Great work at all ... The track appeared on the "Synth Planet"-album of the "Radio Cosmos"-label from France.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Casionova - The visionary (2008)

This is another killer track from this "Cyber Dance Records" release "Messages from the void". Support the artists and save vinyl!! It's really worth.

Ali Renault - Zombie raffle (Mr. Pauli's revenge) (2008)

A slomo NuItalo-killer from Ali Renault remixed by Ingmar Pauli aka Mr. Pauli. It has been released on an EP called "Messages from the void" on "Cyber Dance".

GREAT WORK at all!!

Rofo - You've got to move it on (1984)

Classic HiNRG-Italo-gem produced by Fonny de Wulf from the Netherlands. De Wulf was also responsible for the first Laser Dance track. He also made music in later years in the house and techno genre.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Azul y negro - The night (1982)

I found this live gig of "Azul y negro" with their famous hit "La noche" or "The night". Really nice to see them acting with all their synthesizers and hear them singing through the vocoder.

And here is the vinyl and studio recorded version we all know - but a bit pitched down.

Kano - Cosmic voyager (1980)

This is a track from Kano's first album "Kano". You can hear the very early influence of Italo (produced by Stefano Pulga - as usual for Kano) as well as the influence of end 70s Disco music. Nice combination in my opinion.

Smith 'n' Hack - Falling stars (2007)

This is definitely music from outer space. If you close your eyes you can watch the falling stars "deep in the unknown" at "the point of no return".