Saturday, August 28, 2010

Divine - Shoot your shot (1982)

And because it's just Bobby "O" time here is Divine in a real video and a live performance - whatever you call performance.

The New York Models - Love on video (instr.) (1985)

This is another female singer project masterminded by Bobby "O".

There also is the vocal version available with the picture of the original "MEMO records" label. I didn't post this one because the speed of the record is pitched up on a level that doesn't sound very well.

The Flirts - Danger (1983)

The Flirts were not always the same singers but they had only ONE mastermind: Bobby Orlando. And the sound couldn't hide this.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Alden Tyrell - Rendez vous at Rimini (2006)

Hey friends, I gonna take you on a timetrip. Let's travel to the Italian Adria coast and visit the old 80s clubs of Rimini.

Track is featured on this great double album "Times like these (1999-2006)".

Michael Prince - Dance your love away (1985)

If your heart is broken listen to this song and "Dance your love away"!!!!

Gil de la Paz - I wanna live (1987)

This is some of these forgotten B-sides. It's called House but for me there is also a lot of Italo in it - and pure energy to rock the house.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hasbeens - You and me (2009)

Very nice new Italo-track with great vocoder voice. If you watch this official video completely you can see master Alden Tyrell passing by as the driver of the old Mercedes Benz.

Chris Luis - The heart of the city (1984)

Classic Italo gem. Love this a lot.

Laser Cowboys - The final conflict (1984)

Once upon a time in the West ... Supported by scenes from the movie "Westworld". Well done clip.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Robot Scientists at Comet/Magnet Berlin Fri 20th Aug

For those of you dear readers who live in Berlin or close-by, next week, Friday, The Robot Scientists will present a 2-hour DJ set with higher energy synth disco monsters at the Magnet / Comet Club. Don't miss this - might be a unique chance to dance to their spaced out beats!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P. Lion - Happy children (1983)

Not to forget this one. The sound quality is pretty poor but I thought to post an original video from this time - it's rare enough to watch them but everytime kind of funny.

Miko Mission - How old are you (1984)

Essantial Italo track - but you don't have to listen to the vocals; they are pretty stupid. But what we love is the music and the sound.

Koto - Chinese revenge (1982)

This is the first release of this Italian synth-group. In the end 80s the name KOTO was still alive but it wasn't longer an Italian but a Dutch project because the original founders of KOTO (Anfrando Maiola and Stefano Cundari) were selling the rights of the name KOTO to the German ZYX-label. These guys asked the Dutch producer Michiel van der Kuy to re-record and remix some of the old KOTO tracks. In the early 2000s the rights went back to Italy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Peru - Savane (1983)

This is the second one I described in the post before. I still can see the green laserlight... Simply a timetrip back in my young days.

Peru - Continents (1983)

This is the B-side of the Oriental 12inch and has been also released first on the Continents album. This album is really great and contents at least two tracks that remembers me on the lasershow in my hometown disco back in the mid eighties. One of these tracks is "Continents".

Peru - Oriental (1983)

Very nice and ambient tune made in the Netherlands. It was released first on the album "Continents" and two years later as a 12inch.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sylvi Foster - Hookey (1982)

Italo classic from the early era. The real name of Sylvi Foster is Domenico Ricchini we also know as Joe Yellow or Bob Salton. The instrumental version on the B-side is definitely the better one.

Spacelex - Pretty face/Happy birthday (2009)

"Pretty face" is a massive electro oriented track with a very fat bassline and vocoder. Whereas "Happy birthday" - the second track on this release - is a pure NuItalo gem. The vinyl is released as a 200 copy limited one sider edition on "Dissident".

Ago - Computer (in my mind) (1986)

It comes from the late Italo era from 1986. That's normally not the best stuff in this time but this one sounds very okay :-)

You can hear here both sides of the 12inch - the vocal and the instrumental version. Decide yourself what you like more. Both "videos" will show you some pictures of the artist Agostino Presta. Kind of funny as I think ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hasbeens - Ain't the same as before (2008)

Another slo-mo track that's very melancholical. Good work from the Netherlands though. Produced amongst others by Martijn Hoogendijk aka Alden Tyrell.

Samoa Park - Tubular affair (1983)

An absolutly classic!! Slo-mo Italo with phat bassline from Mike Oldfields original.

And if you don't like the vocals here is also the instrumental version that sounds a bit different with another mood.

DMX Krew - Come to me (1998)

Fly away and then "COME TO ME". This is a very catchy and well produced gem that has been originally released in 1998 on the DMX Krew album "Nu romantix". Finally - eleven years later in 2009 - the 12" came out on "Permanent Vacation" from Munich.