Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arpadys - Monkey star (1977)

Also kind of strange and verrrry funky. Wow! It's taken from the album "Arpadys" - always expensive, at least the original. The unofficial reissue from 2007 you can get for a cheaper price.

Black Devil - One to choose (1978)

... and from the present fast back to the end 70s. Why not?

Black Devil is from France and was ahead of its time with their music. The guys created things away from the usual 70s-Disco-style and were one of the pioneers of the 80s sound - some kind of strange sometimes but gooooood. But listen yourself.

Skatebard - Vuelo (2007)

Back to the present again with a very nice mixture of NuItalo and House sound from this Norwegian guy - a real spacetrip.

Friday, May 28, 2010

SSQ - Walkman on (1983)

Taken from their album "Playback". I like the airiness of the music, the vocals and the whole mood - the girl with the walkman is floating over the white clouds in the summer sky. This is an re-edited version made from the original material.

Moon Birds - Astro 9 (1978)

As we had some disco feeling now here is another classic from this era. It's the b-side of the "Energy-MC1" 12inch.

And it exists an edit from 2007 under the name "Amplified Orchestra - Space Lady" with a bit more oooommmphh - an unofficial release of course.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

L.E.B. Harmony - Feeling love (1978)

A classic disco track of the late 70s taken from the album "Disco Boogie". An unofficial release from the year 2006 yon can find on "Disco Galaxia 2" in an even more stretched and edited version - more than 10 minutes!! - together with some more classics.

Lime - On the grid (Remix) (1983)

Great production from the Canadian duo mixed by the famous guys John Morales & Sergio Munzibai who has made uncountable productions in these times until now.
For me it's their best track - besides "Angel eyes".

BISS - Robot with a rose (1982)

This is the B-side of the 12inch for who?. A cute robot tries to get in contact to human beings without avail - nobody wants to listen to him. Poor little guy.

Nice funky guitar in the beginning btw.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Elitechnique - Munich emotions (2008)

One of my favourites in NuDisco stuff. This gem has all that you want: some disco, some italo, some electro, some house, a lot of funk, many different instruments and effects. Very very good 12inch.

The first release was in 2008 as an one-sider on clear vinyl limited to 100 copies - a real collectors item. Then in 2009 came another "normal" copy with another track on the B-side.

Tommy Bow - Dance tonight (1983)

One of the most powerfull Italo-bombs ever!!! The bassline pushs you across the dancefloor - and beyond...

Also a nice cover btw.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Explorer - Enjaw J (1982)

Released on the "Untitled" album and very hard to get as the original release. But there's a bootleg release in 2008 you can get for a fair price - but it has not the perfect quality like the original.

Nevertheless it's a track I like a lot. It's soooo great music.

Wet - That's the game (instr.) (1983)

This is from '83 again. Cool what cool means with some nice bleeps and other elements you can't really describe - you have to listen to it ...

Mirage - Lady Operator (2008)

A very nice minimal production with great bassline and cool vocoder-voice. I like the melancholical touch in this track. Listen and dream ...

The track has been released on a triple vinyl collection from the absolutly hip-label "Italians do it better" from Mike Simonetti in New York.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Duke Lake - Dance tonight (1985)

Another essential Italo disco gem with its typical elements. Producers are Alessandro Zanni and Stefano Cundari who also are responsible for much more like Koto, Hipnosis, Faxe, Cheaps, Baby's Gang and so on. Thank you guys - very well done.

Blue Vision - Visions (instr.) (1984)

Kind of Jean Michel Jarre touch in this number. I like it a lot.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kalson - Pulsar II (2008)

A nice NuItalo-bomb by Serbian producer Vladan Cvetković aka Kalson. It has been released on the compilation "Rückwärts im Uhrzeigersinn" on the German label "Das Drehmoment" from Berlin.

Odessa - Polar intrusion (2008)

Some new stuff again from a nice girl from Rotterdam who is not only making music but also designs jewelery and makes in photographics. The track is produced by our Dutch friend Alden Tyrell. Very relaxing music.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Man From Italo - Nice Mix from Flemming Dälum

Today I have something special for you: Flemming Dälum is potentially the guy with the largest italo vinyl record collection in the world and since the early 80s - just like me - an absolute italo nerd. He just published a new mix called "The Man From Italo" on NOISEINMYHEAD blog from Australia - make sure you download it here. FULL ITALO POWER!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Steve Bender - The final thing 1977 (instrumental)

Very early and excellent acid robot disco funk boogie grooves that make your veins of steel freeze - great electro disco from this German guy who was later part of the German Eurovision Song Contesants Dschingis Khan. Respect.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pete Shelley - Witness - I Don't Know What It Is (Dub Version) (1981)

The second part of the A-side. A nice track with some strange elements of Electronic, New Wave and Rock guitars - and a cool bassline; that's the main point.

Mikron - Polynesia (1985)

The track is produced by a guy who calls oneself "Orlando". And if you look behind this identity you'll find the German name Wolfgang Loos. Eh, who the devil is that??
Surprise: Wolfgang Loos also produced the German pop-ensemble "Alphaville". but here you can hear that he also was able to do real Italo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Panorama - War in love (1985)

This song always remembers me on the time in my hometown disco. The DJ was playing the instrumental version at midnight in the beginning of the lasershow. Great tune!!
Unfortunately I could only find this vocal version. Anyway I hope you can imagine what I mean.

Modem - Your fun (1984)

Hey what's that? Sounds like a bit strange Italo-sound from - YES!! - Amin Peck. Two members of Amin Peck (Giorgio Forini and Leonard Parker) are also responsible for this piece of music.