Saturday, April 24, 2010

Casco at "Magic Waves Festival" in 2009

This is the post number 300 here in the blog and for this reason I thought to bring you something special. It's a little video from the "Magic Waves Festival" in London from the year 2009. It was a two-days event dedicated to the good old era of Italo-Disco-Music and some new Italo stuff. The event has been organised by Jim Penrose also known as "Casionova" - a representative of the NuItalo movement in England with some nice productions. He managed that some of the old stars came to the festival to do some live action - also Salvatore Cusato aka "Casco" - one of my favourites of that time.

The video shows some parts of live action from Casco together with Alessandro Novaga and some interview parts with Casco. Unfortunately the interview is not available in stereo so you can hear this parts only on one side of your headphone.

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