Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Faxe - Time for changes (1983)

Faxe's Time for Changes is another electro italo disco scorcher produced by the amazing Stefano Cundari and Alessandro Zanni, also on the latest The Robot Scientists mix for electronique.it. A wonderful track!

Caelestium - Love stars (instr.) (1983)

Calestium is one of the ultra rare electronic disco classics from 1983 that deserve to be heard, especially the instrumental version is a space and synth disco classic! It is so hard to get on vinyl, but rrrocks! Enjoy!

The Robot Scientists Mix on electronique.it

Long time no news as I was busy traveling. Check out my mates The Robot Scientists on www.electronique.it, a leading Italian electronic music website. They created an exclusive 60-minutes mix, download it from here.