Friday, February 13, 2009

The Robot Scientists - New Italo & Space Disco Mix Nr.13 available

Molto bene,

my friends, The Robot Scientists, are back with another excellent mix of very obscure italo electro and space disco classics on vinyl - Musica da Batticuore 13 is here!

The mix features one of my favorite italo tracks ever, the Dub Mix of Flash'83 from The Duke of Burlington, done by Tony Carrasco. It is an amazing grower, getting better and better with every minute.

The Craig Peyton track is amazing - what a bassline, a monster!

The tracks from new space disco heroes like Rayko, Lindstrom & Solale, Ultracity, Woolfy and Elitechnique are highly recommended, too!

Anna - Systems breaking down RCA 1982
Helen - Zanzibar (Afro) ZYX 1985
Common Sense - Babylon Out 1985
Gaznevada - Special agent man (woman) Italian 1983
Rayko - White Russians Rare Wiri 2008
Richard Bone - Mambopolis Survival 1984
Discotheque - Disco special Mercury 1979
Richard Wahnfried - Time Factory IC 1979
Codek - Demo MCA 1980
Pink Project - Instrumental project Zanza 1982
Yellow Power - Hai samurai X Records 1982
Lindstrom & Solale - Let's practise (dub) Feedelity 2007
Beard Science - Dancing knights (45b edit) Beard Science 2008
The Splash Band - Das Philadelphia Experiment ZYX 1984
Loopside - Starman (Star Version) FDT 1984
Coco Bill - Evita (instr.) Gey-Ar 1984
Z-Factor - Thorns Mitchbal 1984
The Duke of Burlington - Flash '83 (Dub mix) Proto 1983
Ultracity - Klee Rollerboys Rec. 2009
Rubies ft. Feist - I feel electric (TieDye Mix) Italians do it better 2008
Woolfy - The return of starlight Permanent Vacation 2008
Craig Peyton - Be thankful for what you got (instr.) Elite 1983
Elitechnique - Spectral escape Radius 2006



  1. link doesnt work :(

  2. Don't know what happened. I edited the post. Now you can't directly link to the download but it you copy the link into your web browser it will work.