Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chilly - For your love (1978)

And this one is an absolute electronic disco classic, too! The LP version is about 11 minutes, truly epic! And I also continue in 2009 with Mister Italo ... for your love! ;) Have a great year 2009!

Fred Ventura - The years (1984) - live in Mexico 2008

This is an italo hymn! Fred went on tour again this year with the I-F guys and Alden Tyrell. The sound quality of this video is bad, but the energy when the audience joins in singing the chorus is - porco dio - amazing!

Digital Emotion - Humanity (1984)

As the end of the year is coming closer, I tried to find some electro disco classics with the right "message" for 2009. The start is "Humanity" from the Dutch "Digital Emotion", a classic!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Robot Scientists - Musica da Batticuore 12 - Space & Italo Electro Disco Classics Mixtape

Italo and spacial disco lovers,

12 months, 12 amazing mixtapes from my friends, the robot scientists!

This one sparkels like 50.000 suns, with many electronic disco classics you should not miss! Here are the tracks!

Disco Dream and The Androids - Dream machine Uniwave 1980
Hypnotic Samba - Stop - watch ZYX 1984
Risque - Risque Disco Polydor 1982
Slang - Pinch roller Vedette 1978
Purple Flash - We can make it Ovni 1984
Easy Going - Fear (Medley) Importe 1980
Leader Band - You're my everything (Leader version) Tanga 1984
AGE - Water suite Sensation 1984
S.P.Clan - Get down (A&B) DID 1984
Starlight Boyz - Machine disco Disco Praline 2007
Models - J.R. Robot VBDS 1984
Passengers - Hot leather Uniwave 1980
O.R.S. - Dream machine Ariola 1978
Jeff Newmann - Moon dance (Automotion) Sonoton 1984
Zodiac - Photo finish 1982
Starcluster - Smoke and mirror Aube 2008
The Molecule Monsters - The Molecule Monsters
Quartz - Chaos Marlin 1978
Black Star - Black Star TGO 1978
Black Devil - H-Friend RCA 1978
Ganymed - We like you Bacillus 1979

Download at: http://www.mediafire.com/?yutzdzymy10

Romanelli - Connecting Flight (1982)

This bloke also did some great tracks, this one here is one of his most successful ones. You should try to get his LP, simply great!

Angie Care - Your mind (1984)

This here is one for the complete italo aficionado: it actually is sung by Valerie Dore! An amazing hit that never made it into the charts!

Easy Going - Fear (1980)

Another amazing classic of electronic disco!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scotch - Penguin's invasion (Hot version) (1983)

Most people only know "Disco band". Quite a good song but this one is maybe the best of "Scotch". Listen to it and it makes you fly over the dancefloor. You also can find it in the "Musica da Batticuore"-Mix 2 from The Robot Scientists.

Xenon - Galaxy (1983) and Xenon - Symphony (1984)

These two Italo-hymns are really worth to spend some money for... Simply great!!

"Galaxy" is in the mix with a lot of classix in the "Musica da Batticuore"-Mix 1.

"Symphony" you also can find in one of the great mixes from The Robot Scientists: It's in the mix number 8.

Donna Laser Orchestra - Vega synthauri (1985)

For all who were missing some posts ;-)) Go on and make your own laser show with this very hard to get vinyl.