Friday, November 28, 2008

Barbara Norris - Heavy hitter (1981)

Long lives the space disco sound. This is only the vocal version. Much more better is the dub-mix that's featured on the B-side. Without any vocals. Simply great.
Price for this record is up to 75 dollars.

Models - J.R. Robot (1984)

This is pure robot-energy. Let it flow into your mind!
You can get this vinyl at discogs for about 200 Euros!

Starflight - Dance to the beat (1984)

This is also a nice one!! Ultra spacy and very cool vocoder. Btw: always hard to get.

International Music System - "Nonline" (1983)

And this one it a great one for all robot dancers...get on the dancefloor...and B R E A K! :)

The Voyagers - Distant Planet (1984)

My heart is bleeding...such a melancholic never get it below 100 Euros...beautiful...

Modem - Valerie (1984)

This is the B-Side of the Amin Peck side project electro disco...

Image - Hot stuff (1984)

Pretty decent track, the B-Side is hilarious!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trilogy - Not love (1982)

I cant help it, I think 40% of all Italians do it better tracks are heavily influenced by the sound of this amazing classic... ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Robot Scientists - Musica da Batticuore 11 - Cosmic & Italo Electro Disco Classics Mixtape

My friends did it again, a wonderful mixtape of amazing cosmic and italo electro disco tracks from the late 70s and early 80s, you need to have that! Download link below. Love it, pure space sex.

Cristal - La nuit pour nous Crocos 1979
Sensitive - Don't stop Sensation 1985
Nemesy - I wanna dance (Dub) Boot Legs 1984
Milkways - Galactic reaction Barclay 1978
XR 7 - XR 7 Quality Rec 1980
Alden Tyrell - Voyagers end Clone 2006
Edgar Froese - Pinnacles Virgin 1983
Starcluster - Metaluna 5 Aube 2008
Simonetti - Tenebre Cinevox 1982
Q - The voice of Q Philly World Rec 1982
Eurofunk - Manshortage (vocal & instr.) Pantera 1983
Jacno - Rectangle Dorian 1979
Onyx - Octagon Teldec 1983
Loud-E - Hey Mr. DJ OOD 2008
Nightmoves - Trans Dance (Robot rock) GC 1984
Explorer - Enjaw J X Records 1982
Bottin - Fondamente nove Eskimo 2008
Paul Paul - Burn on the flames (instr.) Market 1985
Art de Rosa - Bel Air (instr.) Polydor 1984
Aldo Bergamachine - UVA for the night Radio Cosmos 2008
Romanelli - The Pulse 21 records 1982
Amplified Orchestra - Cosmic fire Amplified 2007
Coco du Jour - Dancin in the darkness (club) Moonglow 1982


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crysalis - I never dance (1983)

GREAT 1983!!! This pure Italo-bomb is also from this fabulous year. Who doesn't like this vocal version should search for the vinyl. There is also featured an instrumental version.