Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stelee up - Waiting for you (1984)

This is also a hard to find item in the world of Italo Disco Music. An awesome and driving to dance sound. Simply great and one of the best tracks ever - especially the instrumental version you can find on the B-Side of the original vinyl.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charlie - Spacer Woman (1983)

This is another great track which will even be a classic in the 25th century. ;) So get it at ebay or discogs, it won't get cheaper...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fockewulf 190 - Gitano (1983)

If you leave the politically more than incorrect band name aside: this is another one of my all time Italo Electro Disco faves.
Bodyheat is even better, check it out as well, here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Robot Scientists - Musica da Batticuore 8 - Italo Electro Disco Classics

My men, the Robot Scientists, are back in full effect, with their slo-mo-mix of Italo Electro Disco classics and Nu Italo tracks. Again, this is an awesome selection. Enjoy and keep it forever, Italo cannot get better...

Muravchix - Tropical warrior Dissident 2008
Thomas Leer - Saving grace Cherry Red 1982
Topo & Roby - Under the ice (instr.) ZYX 1984
M Like Moon - Sunlight (West side) Flarenasch 1984
Xenon - Symphony Xenon 1984
Casionova - Shoreham harbour blues (Ali Renault rmx) Dissident 2008
Unit Black Flight - Masking (F. Falckenhaus Remix) Strange Life Rec 2006
Glass Candy - Lovin' machine (Slow Dub) Troubleman Unlimited 2006
Modem - Your fun Peecker Melody 1983
Panorama - War in love (instr.) Chic 1985
Mikron - Polynesia (instr.) Black Sun 1985
Spanish Crash - Life is now Spago 1984
Decadance - On and on Proto 1983
Pete Shelley - Witness / I don't know (Dub) Arista 1981
Odessa - Polar intrusion Disco Praline 2008
Gaznevada - affair ZYX 1983
Fockewulf 190 - Bodyheat Market 1984
Skatebard - Celluloid mirage Radius Records 2007
Pankow - God's Deneuve Kindergarten 1984
Kalson - Pulsar II Das Drehmoment 2008
Mikron's - Visions instr Blow up 1986
Plastic Bertrand - Tout petit la planete Hansa 1979

Dinosaur - Kiss me again (Edit) (1979)

A very unknown cosmic disco track, and maybe one of the grooviest tracks ever - the original version from 1979 lasts more than 13 minutes. Amazing stuff...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pineapples - Come On Closer (1983)

And this absolute Italo classic will ensure a great weekend for you Italo lovers...come on closer...i love it.

Cellophane - Gimme love (1983)

Great robotic electro disco track. The record's subtitle "Paganini presenta una musica da batticuore" gave name to The Robot Scientists electro disco classics live mix tapes. The vinyl is hard to get and expensive. Spork commented on discogs: "...It's raw, dirty, and it's too bad there aren't more copies floating around out there, because there isn't a party in the world that couldn't benefit from this gem." Word!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Droids - The Force (1977)

The Droids are really amazing - ultracool French guys! A wonderful instrumental track. These are parts one and two taken from the album "Star peace" from 1978. The first release of the 12inch was in 1977.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peter Baumann - Romance 76

This is a classic Cosmic track, very Ambient, very beautiful. His records are still quite affordable, check Discogs:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Decadance - On and On (1983)

Been away to Italy for a while. Now I am back with this melancholic monster, another classic!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ben Richardson - Sky Diver

This is a great track I always loved very much, it is impossible to find these days...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Robot Scientists - Musica da Batticuore 7

Wooooowww!! These guys are incredible. The robot scientists, masters of compiling and mixing are back again with their heartbreaking mix number 7. It's another masterpiece of live-vinyl-mixing again. It will make your eyes wide open and bright-shining similar to the first time you were falling in love or to your very first kiss.

The Creatures - The other world's robot (Intro) Injection 1982
The Creatures - Dance of the silver girls Injection 1982
Danny Keith - Keep on music (Dub) Break 1985
Heaven 17 - Let me go (instr) Virgin 1982
Planet 84 - The gold rush (instr) Digital Rec 1987
Junior Byron - Dance to the music (dub) Vanguard 1983
Casionova - The visionary Cyber Dance 2008
John Carpenter - The end Part 2 ZYX 1983
Ali Renault - Zombie raffle (Mr.Pauli's Revenge) Cyber Dance 2008
Moments - The station (Instr) Out 1984
Valerie Dore - Get closer (instr) ZYX 1984
Malcom and the Bad Girls - Shoot me (instr) HISS 1984
Donna Laser Orchestra - Vega Synthauri FDT 1984
Koto - Japanese War Game (Club) Memory 1983
Professor Genius - Pegaso (Velez) Disques Sinthomme 2007
Amnesie - Turas (instr) Proto 1983
Stelee Up - Waiting for you (instr) Many 1983
Agebjörn / Shapiro / Rude 66 - Deeper space woman Loeb 2008
Cheaps - Moliendo Cafe (instr) Memory 1983
The Normal - TVOD Mute 1979
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the mask A&M 1980
Klapto - Queen of the night (instr) Polydor 1984
Crazy Gang - Discomatic rodeo Bubble 1983
Knight Action - Single girl instr 1984

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nightmoves - Transdance (UK Club Mix) (1981)

A Chicago/UK house classic from 1981. It is one of the best italo-style house/electro tracks ever made, in my humble opinion. The original vinyl is almost impossible to find or super-expensive, but there is a semi-official reissue for less.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Future State - Future state (1984)

Here is another hard to find and always very expensive item. A reissue is available here - if it's not sold out. Very great track - a hammer!!!


Ghecko - Firelight (1984)

This is another amazing Italo Disco Classic Track. Very hard to find. Here is the vocal version. I like the B-Side the most. It contains the instrumental cut.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr. Flagio - Take a chance (1983)

I can remember the minute I heard this track for the first time in my life. My eyes started to shine, my mouth openened wider and wider, then I smiled, my heart started beating with 118 bpm...for me this is the best Italo Disco track. You can still buy the vinyl at "normal" rates at ebay, at Discogs they are a lot more expensive.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Giorgio Moroder - First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love

THE MASTER HIMSELF - this guy from South Tyrol in Italy "invented" the typical Italo Disco sound. This is one of his best tracks, from 1977. There is also a AMAZING remake of it, from The "V" Project.