Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Robot Scientists - Musica Da Batticuore 2 - Electro Italo Disco Classics

Here they are again. Another 22 hilarious electro disco monsters from the all-savvy Robot Scientists. This one also features some NuItalo classics from their favorite Label Italians do it better: Chromatics and Glass Candy. Amazing mix...thanks.

N.O.I.A. - Stranger in a strange land (club) Italian 1983
Fad Gadget - Under the flag 1982 Mute
Ruth - Polaroid-Roman-Photo 1982 Born Bad
Chromatics - Glass Slipper 2007 Italians do it better
Amin Peck - Running straight 1983 Peecker Melody
B.W.H. - Livin up 1983 House of Music
Mr.Flagio - Take a chance 1983 ZYX
Margueritas - Margherita 1980 WEA
Glass Candy - I always say yes (Drumm) 2007 Italians do it better
My Mine - Hypnotic tango (instr) 1983 Blow up
Giorgio Moroder - First hand experience 1977 Oasis
Capricorn - I need love (instr) 1983 Delirium
Dharma - Plastic Doll (instr) 1982 System Musis
Amin Peck - Coda 1983 ZYX
Principles of Geometry - A mountain for president (Joakim) 2007 Discograph
I.M.S. - An English 93 1983 Bellaphon
RIS - Love 'n' music 1983 Many
John Carpenter - Klappperschlange (instr) 1983 ZYX
Mount Sims - Restless 2004 DJ Gigolos
Scotch - Penguins Invasion (hot mix) 1983 ZYX
Freak Electrique - Cloud surfer (instr) 2007 Viewlexx
Hipnosis - Bormaz 1983 ZYX



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  3. The Robot Scientists - Musica Da Batticuore 2 - Electro Italo Disco Classics.

    Only this part not work.

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    Title: Interspace
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      Mister Italo